Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eclipse-ing fast !!

I recently switched back eclipse and voila i don't remember a single shortcut now. Its very painful to keep searching for right shortcut. Here are few points to help you find yours way on eclipse.  

1. Shift+Ctrl+L (Shift+Command+L on mac) : This opens the list of shortcuts available. Very helpful in remembering the shortcuts.


Now just scroll and remember some very helpful shortcuts.

2. Ctrl+3 (Command+3) : Sometimes you need to access functionality which does not binds to any command (aka key shortcut) than this is very helpful shortcut. Just press Ctrl+3 and start typing the name of the functionality you are looking for. For example if you wants to find the formatter. take the following route : 


As you can see it display every single functionality which contains work "code style" now just select the one you wants to use.

Remember these shortcuts when next time you need help in eclipse. 

Note: Used gmail-embedded image which got lost in transmission. screw google, will fix it tomorrow 

Happy hacking!!