Sunday, December 19, 2010


First of all, a big big thanks to ubuntu team and ubuntu is an amazing distro and they have single handedly made linux experience so awesome. I was using it for past 2 years and never i had any issue with it. 
But recently Ubuntu released natty narhiwal 11.04 alpha 1 and i upgraded to it on the first day. And it created hell lot of problems. They switched to a new window manager unity which i found to be very flicky and unstable. So i decided to take the pill . This weekend i finally installed a bleeding edge distro .. the distro for geeks and nerds .. yeah you are absolutely right its GENTOO
Its not the first time i have installed gentoo i was a ardent fan of of gentoo in my engg days and probably the only guy who installed a non  GUI-installer based linux.
Working on gentoo gives you a lot more inside info which i really like .. my basic OS installation is ready and now i guess i will need to create a overlay to maintain my favorite ebuilds ... okay time to go figure overlay stuff.