Monday, September 29, 2014

No Dual Citizenship for NRIs/PIOs

India can't have citizens who live here when the time is good & run away when the nation faces difficulties. No to dual citizenship & NRI voting. Indian citizenship is a sacred vow you make to this country. Dual citizenship ends that vow. NRIs are free to come to India and vote. Just as any other Indian citizen who has to travel to his/her home town to vote. This nonsense about NRIs and PIOs being a "special" class of Indians needs to be nipped in the bud. NRIs are Indians. PIOs are not. An American Citizen takes oath (in below image). You want him to be an Indian Citizen too? Where would his loyalties lie? You have to be loyal to the country you have taken a citizenship oath for, not to India. People trying to mix NRIs and PIOs thus do disservice to both. We must treat them as two distinct categories. 

Bhai desh chhod ke aapne desh pe ehsaan nahin kiya hai. Kripya vishesh darje ki ummeed na karein. Desh chhoda aapne apne personal fayde ke liye, is desh ke liye nahi. Sab nafa nuksaan aapko pata thaa tab bhi. Aur rahi baat paisa Bharat mein jamaa karane ki to kya Indian banks vs US banks ke interest rate ki baat ki jaaye? 1990 mein jab India mai ecominic crisis hua tha tab ye paisa kaise gayab hua tha wo bhi yaad hai.
Nothing personal against anyone. Hamare bhi dost hain. But some hard truths had to be said.