Sunday, May 23, 2010

Status Update

It is not new for me to try new things.In fact yesterday i told saleem that im like air always changing direction always try something new. but in past 2 months im experimenting in far far greater speed.I dont know whether it is good or bad but im experimenting and will continue to do that.
I have tried erlang(a funtional language), C# (big step for a (ex?)M$-basher), python in the gap of few weeks. Pair programming, Agile, Test driven development are new practices that i learnt. But the best thing happened to me is my growing interest in Distributed applications. For past few weeks im trying out a project called Hadoop.
It is an opensource projects under the umbrella of Apache foundation. If to put in a single line, it is opensource implementation of the MapReduce algorithm which is the core of Google empire. Hadoop opened a plethora of questions to me. What is Big Data? How it affects me ? Why we need a non-rdms approach towards information-retriewal ?
So i am starting a new journey to get answers to those . If i dont show here soon , assume im still looking for the answers ;-)