Friday, January 14, 2011

Begin from the beginning

Once upon a time a programmer came across a book describing a funny
programming language. It had an unfamiliar syntax, equal didn’t mean
equals, and variables weren’t allowed to vary. Worse, it wasn’t even
object-oriented. The programs were, well, different....
Not only were the programs different, but the whole approach to pro-
gramming was different. The author kept on and on about concurrency
and distribution and fault tolerance and about a method of programming
called concurrency-oriented programming—whatever that might mean.
But some of the examples looked like fun. That evening the programmer
looked at the example chat program. It was pretty small and easy to
understand, even if the syntax was a bit strange. Surely it couldn’t be
that easy.
The basic program was simple, and with a few more lines of code, file
sharing and encrypted conversations became possible. The programmer
started typing....

Guess which programming language i am talking about ;-)
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